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Workbridge, Where abilities equal employment

 Our history

  • 1931: The Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment League was formed as a not-for-profit organisation to provide rehabilitation and employment for disabled soldiers of the South African Wars and the First World War.
  • 1942: The Constitution of the League was amended to undertake the training and re-establishment of disabled servicemen of the Second World War. The name was changed to The Disabled Servicemen's Re-establishment League.
  • 1969: The League was appointed a government agent for both ex-servicemen and civilians from 1 April 1969. The name was changed to The Disabled Re-establishment League.
  • 1974: The name was changed to Rehabilitation League NZ.
  • 1990: The League went through a major restructure and changed its name to Workbridge Incorporated. Workbridge emerged as a dedicated employment service for people with disabilities seeking to gain or retain open employment.
  • 2001: Workbridge Incorporated adopted a new constitution, developing a two-tier governance structure independent of government.

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